Q – How far are you riding?
A – In total 4300 miles. It will take around 85 days and we’ll ride into L.A on October 24th.

Q – How many miles per day are you averaging?
A – 75-85 miles at an average speed of 12-14mph, loaded with 50 pounds of bags (25kgs).

Q – Why are you taking such a crazy, up and down route?
A – We are meeting up with superstar organizations that work with Darkness To Light’s program called Stewards Of Children.

Q – What made you want to ride for child sexual abuse prevention?
A – To raise money and awareness for a cause that’s on the fringes of society’s focus. Child sexual abuse affects 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys in the US, and no one’s talking about it. Kids can’t be the face of this movement, like Lance Armstrong can for cancer or Magic Johnson can for AIDS; it’s up to us as adults to be that voice for so many kids who don’t have one!

Q – Are any of you survivors of sexual abuse?
A – No. Everyone asks us this off the bat, and everyone’s always shocked when we say no. It amazes us how surprised people are when we say no, but just like anything else, for a social change to happen, it can’t just be survivors making an effort. Child sexual abuse prevention and advocacy is dominated by survivors of abuse, but it’s time that everyone started to open their eyes and get their hands dirty with prevention efforts. We’d wager that most people wearing a yellow livestrong band haven’t had testicular cancer, but people are there showing support and wearing the colors. We want to see the same thing for child sexual abuse. You don’t have to be a survivor to care for the innocence of our children.

Q – What has been the hardest part of the trip?
A – Updating this website after a 95 mile day on a bike!! It’s also been tough being away from family and friends. Sore legs, sore butts, unbearable heat and steep hills. Missing family and friends. Not getting as many donations as we hoped for. It’s tough to raise money for anything the first time you run a campaign, and it’s even tougher when your campaign is the help end child sexual abuse. No one has gone before us, and the issue is a fringe issue at best to the general public. Blazing a trail in societies consciousness isn’t easy, but we’re happy to do it!

Q – How can I get involved?
A – There’s a number of ways to join our ride to end child sexual abuse. The first, and most obvious way, is to chip in and SPONSOR SOME MILES! Your donations not only go directly to do helping adults learn to prevent child sexual abuse, but they also make us feel good when my blackberry vibrates and it’s a donation alert. Some small amounts have gotten us through some hard days…

Secondly, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. We’re a new campaign with no real advertising budget, and we’re relying on word of mouth PR. Facebook shares, tweets and everything in between are vital to helping us make a difference.

Lastly, if we’re riding to a town near you, let us know and help us get some media and attention as we ride into your town.