Meet the Team

Tyler Gilliam

Rider and the creator of Pedal for Prevention, Tyler Gilliam has been working to prevent child sexual abuse with D2L for well over a year now. Pedal for Prevention started out as a crazy idea in Tyler’s head that eventually grew into reality once he thought “Why Not?” Tyler has always been driven by a desire to help people and P4P is another BIG step in that direction.

  • Age: 24
  • Interests: travel, the great outdoors, books, UNC Sports, laughing
  • iPod: Sigur Ros, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Belle and Sebastian, Neil Young,
  • Books: The Sun Also Rises, Hemmingway; Hind Swaraj, M.K. Gandhi; The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck; The Raizer’s Edge, Maugham
  • Why I’m Riding: The innocence of a child is irreplaceable and it’s time for us as a society to value that innocence enough to overcome our discomfort and really address this epidemic. Child sexual abuse doesn’t have to happen, and as adults it’s our responsibility to really make prevention a priority. As adults, we have to be the voice for our children and ensure that they are allowed to grow up happy and whole.

IMG_0408Landon Phillips

Rider, creative contributor and film guru Landon Phillips joined the Pedal for Prevention team on a whim last January. Landon felt he wanted to make a positive difference in the world by “doing something amazing” and when Tyler told him about P4P, Landon knew it was the perfect opportunity. Landon is a talented artist with particularly keen interests in photography, painting and film and his creative eye gives P4P its unique flair.

  • Age: 22
  • Interests: B&W photography, the beach, homemade music videos, painting
  • iPod: Aphex Twin, Band Of Horses, Daft Punk, Royksopp, Fleet Foxes
  • Film Influences: Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg, Sofia Coppola.
  • Why I’m Riding: It’s important that we do everything in our power to expand our knowledge in the United States, and the world, about and how we can PREVENT child sexual abuse. I want to be that person that helped make a difference and I want to inspire others to join in this movement and let’s make this tragedy disappear!

Michael Allen

Rider #3 and our British “ambassador” Michael Allen provides Pedal for Prevention’s international flavor. Mike was born in Bristol, England, and currently resides in the green hills of Scotland. An avid sportsman, Mike also has a keen interest in leaving a positive mark wherever he can; Pedal for Prevention was a perfect fit!

  • Age: 23
  • Interests: travelling, sport, watching sport, newspapers, music, really dry comedy and cooking
  • iPod: Neil Young, Sigur Ros, Iron and Wine, Billy Joel, Ryan Adams, Norah Jones
  • Books: It’s Not About the Bike, Lance Armstrong; A Fortunate Life, A.B Facey; For Whom the Bell Tolls, Hemmingway; David Copperfield, Dickens
  • Why I’m Riding: I’ve been touched by Tyler’s passion, and I want to do everything in my power to help prevent child sexual abuse. It’s time for society, worldwide, to stop pushing this epidemic into the shadows. Darkness to Light is an amazing organization and I can’t wait to hop across the pond and PEDAL FOR PREVENTION.

Elliott Cooper

The woman on the ground for the Pedal for Prevention team, Elliott Cooper will be the ground control to Major Tom (Tyler and Landon). Inspired by Tyler’s enthusiasm and Landon’s get up and go attitude, she’s helping these boys as they make their way across America, spreading D2L’s message of prevention!

  • Age: 28
  • Interests: Springer Spaniels, my family, renovating my kitchen – eventually
  • iPod: Talking Heads, Vampire Weekend, Flaming Lips, Paul Simon
  • Books: The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald; To Kill a Mockingbird, Lee; Love in the Time of Cholera, Márques; Jitterbug Perfume, Robbins
  • Why I’m Riding: I’ve been touched by the passion and energy that everyone at Darkness to Light has inside them.  Prevention is truly the answer to stopping the terrible things we hear about on the news and that children experience every day.  I applaud Tyler and Landon for taking the initiative to help our mission in such a unique way.  Let’s ride! Or… y’all ride and I’ll stay here…

Our bike sponsor, The Bicycle Shoppe has been a Charleston cycling institution for over 20 years now! With the largest one-stop shop inventory in the Charleston area and a staff that knows bikes inside and out, “The Shoppe” has built its reputation on quality and service. After approaching numerous bike manufacturers across the world, we turned our efforts locally and The Shoppe was right there to get on board with our ride. We can’t thank them enough for working with us and providing our beautiful bikes, and all the gear we’ll need to make it across America!

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The team at Enjoy Taste have already played a crucial role in supporting Pedal for Prevention by envisioning and creating our brilliant, interactive website. Their commitment and support has provided P4P with a home base to be proud of. Based out of Orlando, Fl, Enjoy Taste offers a creative, modern eye, and a unique talent for visual design!

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Darkness to Light is a wonderful organization whose mission is to empower people to prevent child sexual abuse. For ten years Darkness to Light has worked to educate people about the reality of child sexual abuse, and to inspire people that when they choose to be proactive about prevention, we can all make this issue disappear.

Based in Charleston, SC Darkness to Light has had an incredible impact both nationally and internationally. With over 2,800 trained prevention volunteers in 48 states and 11 countries, Darkness to Light has seen hundreds of thousands of adults across the globe make prevention a priority by taking their award winning “Stewards of Children” prevention training.

Learn more about Darkness to Light