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The Isle of Skye and James the Sea Kayaker

Monday, June 14th, 2010

According to a nifty countdown clock I found online we have 46 days, 1,117 hours, 67,021 minutes and 4,021,264 seconds until our journey kicks off on July 31. When we decided to get Pedal for Prevention going around New Years, seven months seemed an eternity. Looking back the time has flown by…


Me in paradise on Skye

In other news: This past week I flew across to Scotland to visit Mike and take some time away with Olivia (my soon to be widowed girlfriend) prior to things heating up with our ride. We spent a lovely week in Scotland, and despite the fact that we neglected our training more than we should have, we did meet some inspiring people via a roadtrip to the Isle of Skye.

James Bonell: When we arrived at our B&B in Waternish on the Isle of Skye we were first greeted by James Bonell. James was surrounded by kayaking equipment and as it fatefully turned out, he is halfway through his own expedition to help raise money for charity. James is attempting to circumnavigate Britain in a kayak and raise $10,000 for both Water Aid and Colitis & Crohn’s disease research. Although James’ is kayaking as opposed to a cycling, he proved to be an invaluable resource for Mike and I as we try and mentally prepare ourselves for what’s ahead. So to James, thanks for the helpful words and all the best with your adventure! You can read more about his journey HERE.


Mike shaking hands with James at the B&B

Gill & Ian Williams: As we were leaving Skye, our hosts Graham and Madeline Jones from Lorgill B&B  told us that we should pay a visit to Gill and Ian Williams as they lived just up the road. Gill and Ian have cycled across the U.S., Britain and Thailand in their own attempt to raise money for yet again another great cause, Hands Across the Water. The two founded Hands Across the Water after the tsunami hit South East Asia and have now raised over 101 thousand pounds in order to help Thai orphans.

Just like with James, speaking to Gill and Ian was great for Mike and I… Not only is it special to meet people so committed to making a difference, but Gill and Ian are considering joining P4P to ride with us for a few weeks in October!

Gill and Ian


Views on Skye


Mike and I in Glencoe on the drive North


Our Pedal for Prevention Route Explained

Friday, June 4th, 2010

12 States, 15 Cities, 90 Days, 4000 Miles…

Deciding on our Pedal for Prevention route was the first step in making our trip a reality. We looked at a map of the U.S. and plotted out our “ideal” route which would take us to see as many Darkness to Light (D2L) facilitators as possible. From that map, which looked like a connect the dots of a Jackson Pollock painting, we had to trim down the edges until we had a route that made some sense.

Our initial P4P route outline (Jackson Pollock hard at work)

We really want our trip to help raise awareness about the issue of child sexual abuse nationally, but we also wanted to visit some of D2L’s best prevention advocates as a way to thank them for the amazing work they’ve been doing!

Here’s a list of our “Primary Stops”

1. Charleston, SC

2. Aiken, SC

3. Atlanta, GA

4. Nashville, TN

5. St. Louis, MO

6. Jefferson City, MO

7. Kansas City, KS

8. Colby, KS

9. Ft. Collins, CO

10. Casper, WY

11. Pocotello, ID

12. Bend, OR

13. Medford, OR

14. San Francisco, CA

15. Los Angeles, CA