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Sunday Sunset Training in the Green Hills of Scotland!

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Today’s blog is from our newest addition to Pedal for Prevention, Mike Allen. If you haven’t seen Mike’s profile on our Meet the Team page, he hails from Bristol, England and now lives in Scotland. Mike has been a great friend of mine for years, and when he heard about Pedal for Prevention it was inevitable that he would join our ride. Mike sent in his first blog today from one of his training rides through the highlands. Enjoy!

Training can be really tough in Scotland. I have set out for many a ride in a T-shirt and shorts with the hope that the rain clouds will hold and the winds will be kind. Unfortunately, my good faith in the Scottish weather is over optimistic and the majority of the time I end up drenched to the bone and left to fight the winds mile upon mile!

However, a few weeks every year Scotland is blessed with long days of beautiful sunshine in which training on a bike can be utter bliss! Last night was no exception. The 25 mile route that I take from under Stirling Castle to the battle ground of Sheriffmuir takes me up some extremely steep climbs that make your heart pound loud enough to hear but once your aching legs make it to the top the views are spectacular and the air is pure.

You will almost always meet a few fluffy friends along the way and at this time of the year the young enjoy their youthfulness in the middle of the narrow roads so good brakes are a must!


Soon this training will be replaced by 4000 miles of Pedal For Prevention. I can’t wait to jet across the pond and get going yet no doubt I will truly miss these green hills. Still, knowing that they made me strong and ready for the road ahead spurs me on…

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25 Miles to the Sea and Back

Monday, May 10th, 2010

After a long week in the office, Landon and I set off on our first long distance ride to Sullivan’s Island. Sullivan’s is an easy 10ish miles from downtown Charleston, and the ride takes you across America’s “longest cable stay span,” The Cooper River Bridge. Anyone who’s ever come into Charleston on I-17N knows the monstrosity of a bridge that I’m referring to… After you make it across the bridge, thanks to a mixture of luck and prayer, you have a flat ride through the town of Mt. Pleasant until finally, you end up on Sullivan’s Island.


At the risk of sounding like novices, neither one of us had ever been on a ride over 15 miles and therefore, our 25 mile trek was something to be proud of! A real achievement! That was until we realized that our “epic journey” wasn’t even half of what we’ll put into an average day on our trip across the country. Lucky for us we still have another 81 days to get fit…

On another note, Happy Mother’s Day to our Mothers, our Mother’s Mothers, and all the other Mothers who are lucky enough to have read this blog post!